Aurifil 50WT Colour Builders Dolomite Green x 3 Spools


Aurifil 50WT Colour Builders Dolomite Green x 3 Spools

Aurifil 50WT Colour Builders Dolomite Green x 3 Spools contains 3 x 1300 metre spools of thread, one of each of the following colours: 2908 Pale Green, 1147 Mid Green and 2890 dark green. Aurifil Colour Builders are a capsule of twelve curated mini collections inspired by (and named after) Italy’s most vibrant and colourful destinations. Each collection contains three large spools of 50wt thread in a warm, a medium, and a dark version within the location’s primary colour palette. From the lemon groves of Sicily to the pink sand beaches of Sardinia to the clear teal waters of Capri to the stark city grey of Milan… each collection is crafted to evoke images of our beloved Italian landscape. The colours were selected not only for their aesthetic appeal, but for their practicality in everyday use.

Buy 4 or more colour builder sets and get a plastic storage case which holds 12 spools completely free. this will be automatically sent to you.

Aurifill 50WT is a 100% Egyptian cotton 2 ply thread. It is made from the finest Egyptian long staple cotton and mercerised for a wonderful sheen. The colour is both light (UV) and wash fast. Its versatility, strength, lustrous colour, and the fact that it produces virtually no line is the reason Aurifil threads have achieved worldwide success. Originally the thread was conceived for the Italian high fashion and luxury bed linen markets,

Aurifil 50 is a strong fine thread which can achieve remarkably flat and crisp seams.  It has many uses including: Needle turn applique, English paper piecing, bobbin and machine lace, machine applique (straight stitch, zigzag, blind hem and blanket stitch), machine embroidery, dense machine quilting, subtle machine and long-arm quilting, basting, whole cloth and micro quilting, dense background designs, bobbin fill, dressmaking and general purpose sewing.

Recommended machine needle is 80/20 microtex/sharp, universal, quilting or denim needle (use 50wt in the bobbin) 4.0 long-arm needle (use 50wt in the bobbin)

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