Dog or Human Bandana Pink dog


Dog or Human Bandana Black Multi Paws

Dog or Human Bandana Black Multi Paws is that essential style accessory for the pampered pooch. It is hand made by myself and is designed to fit small to  large dogs.  Actual size is 50cm x 50cm.  To use, fold diagonally in half and roll down the long edge to the required size for the dog it is to be used on. wrap around the dog’s neck and tie the ends in a double knot. PLEASE ENSURE THIS IS NOT TOO TIGHT AROUND THE DOG’S NECK, you should be able to insert at least 4 fingers in-between the bandana and the dogs neck. The Pink Dog fabric is 100 % Cotton by Makower and is available to but by the fat quarter or metre, see product ID JD073AN As with all dog collars and accessories, please ensure your dog is supervised when off the lead to ensure there is no chance of anything getting tangled around the collar that may cause harm.

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